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What Are Some Common Causes For Sewage Backup in Overland Park?

When we think of a sewage backup problem, we think of our toilets overflowing from a clog, and while it’s true that that clogs can backup your sewage or septic system there are a number of ways your sewage system can back up. There are two main types of sewage backups: Drain line clogs & sewer main clogs. Every sink, toilet, and appliance that drains water is hooked up to a drain line. Each of those drain line connects to the sewer main, which then connects to the city sewage system or a septic system. 

Drain Line Backups:

A drain line backup can be diagnosed because only one room in your home is experiencing a backup. For example, in one bathroom the sink wont train and the toilet is overflowing, but all of the other plumbing in your home is working well. These backups are usually caused by flushing the wrong things down your toilet or build up of junk over time clogging the lines. Drain line clogs are easier to fix and usually the cleanup process is usually shorter.

Sewer Main Backups: 

You can usually tell you have a sewer main clog if all of the drains in your property aren’t working properly. You might notice that you flush one toilet and all of the toilets in your home start to overflow. A sewage main backup can a problem with your main line being clogged or the the sewage line that is run by the city being clogged. This can happen when there are heavy rains that overwhelm the system, tree lines growing through your line, sump pump failures, or other blockages to the main sewage line. Depending on where and why the line is blocked, the repair process may be the homeowner’s or the city’s responsibility. 

Our Overland Park Sewage Backup Cleanup & Repair Process

Fine Restoration has a highly trained team of professionals that are always on call for sewage backup cleanup & repair. When you call us out to provide sewage backup services, we will make sure to ask questions to determine the size and scope of the problem. When we arrive on site, we will have all of the tools and equipment necessary to repair the source of the sewage backup and to clean up the affected areas. These are the steps we take when providing sewage backup & septic backup services:

  • Fix or Repair the cause of the sewage back-up
  • Construct barriers to contain the sewage & stop it from spreading
  • Protect any areas that have not been affected, so they won’t be during the process
  • Remove any contaminated items and porous structures (like drywall) that have been damaged
  • Dry out the affected areas
  • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize any parts of your home that have been touched by the raw sewage
  • Repair or replace affected structures, flooring, or carpets that have been damaged

When we leave your home, there will be no harmful contaminants left lingering, no smell, and you shouldn’t be able to tell that a sewage backup had occurred in the first place. We are IICRC certified and always on call to provide high quality sewage backup cleanup & sewage backup repair in Overland Park. Call us at 913-270-3646 or contact us online for an estimate.

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Fine Restoration
Based on 112 reviews
Steven Holland
Steven Holland
20:49 24 Mar 23
Fine Restoration arrived promptly after being called for water damage from a burst pipe. They dried everything out, sprayed to prevent mold, and also did the kitchen floor rebuild. I was very happy with the quality of the work, the punctuality, and the communication. Highly recommend!
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith
23:12 21 Mar 23
I called Fine Restoration for my emergency water damage experienced at my home. We had multiple broken pipes during the last major freeze. They came quickly and immediately started drying my home. After mitigation was completed they started in rebuilding and restoring my house as well. They are a great company and I highly recommend them.
Amelia Hoedl
Amelia Hoedl
02:28 19 Mar 23
Went over the curb with a truck while working at the neighbors. Notoriously hard spot on our street to maneuver. Came back out and filled the compacted area with dirt/seed. Highly recommend and neighbor says they do great work. Would hire especially for commercial properties, thorough and professional. They just came out and made it right, no follow up required.
Joyce Livingston
Joyce Livingston
21:49 21 Feb 23
I'm satisfied with the mitigation part however. I still have to get it repaired and put back together The garage.
Michaelyn Horsch
Michaelyn Horsch
21:59 20 Feb 23
I would definitely recommend Fine Restoration to anyone and everyone I know. We came home December 23rd to a busted pipe and a flooded basement, we were mortified. I spoke with Jason of Fine Restoration- he was out Christmas shopping, he dropped what he was doing, went and bought us a part for the pipe, came over, and fixed the pipe so that we were able to turn the water back on. The same night the Mitigation crew came over and did their thing, at 8:00pm. Once the Mitigation was done Jose Martinez, the project manager came over and we made a plan! I was nervous because I have never gone through something like this before. He was AWESOME and a BLESSING to our house! He always took my calls and answered any questions that I had along with my concerns. Jose had a great group of guys working with him as well! Not once did I feel unsafe with any of the men working in my house while I was alone, they were all such a blessing, so kind, hard working, and respectful to my home and myself. A huge thank you to Jason Erps- Fine Restoration, Nik Custer- Mitigation manager, Jose Martinez- Project Manager, Elvin and Israel -Painters, Luis and Irving- Carpenters, Don Duley- Flooring, Mike Zubeck- Carpet, and Gilma from Miss Sparkle Cleaning. I am very greatful to all of them for taking such good care of us and quickly restoring our house to an even more beautiful home!-Andria H
Mrs. Kolander
Mrs. Kolander
17:02 14 Feb 23
A large portion of sheet rock from our wall had to be removed to fix a plumbing mistake and they repaired our wall to like new. The workers were very polite, and professional. The work they did looks perfect! I’m very satisfied! I recommend them for their work and professionalism.
Dawson Vogel
Dawson Vogel
15:24 08 Feb 23
There were several trades brought in to repair areas of the house that were affected by a supply water pipe break. These trades included, concrete, drywallers, painters, trim guys, cabinet makers, flooring guys, and tile guys.Jose Martinez was the Project Manager and through him the process flow was smooth. The only complaint is a deadline that I set was not met.I had some issues with the flooring, but they came back out to fix it and were very apologetic.All the trades did a fantastic job and I'm happy with the work that Fine Restoration provided.
20:16 08 Dec 22
Our basement flooded badly, and we reached out to Fine Restoration late at night; I was surprised they offered to come that night to help mitigate the problem until they could start working the next morning. From the beginning to the end, they took care of the entire project and restored our basement to a better condition than it was previously. I will give them a 6 out of 5 ratings because they exceeded my expectations. Fine Restoration is super dependable; they do top-notch work and are great to work with! I will certainly be hiring them again for other projects.
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen
18:03 21 Nov 22
Came home to a surprise of water spots on my ceiling. Found out my pipe busted. Called Fine Restoration and Nick showed up an hour later with a solution. He got everything set up and we began the drying process. Very knowledgeable and efficient.
Beverly Stikeleather
Beverly Stikeleather
16:52 11 Nov 22
Quick response, free estimate. Great service
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Sewage backing up into your home is disgusting and creates a mess that should be cleaned by the professionals. Cleaning a sewer or septic backup on your own can pose a risk to your health, is very hard to clean and often will leave behind odors and contaminants. The Overland Park sewage backup restoration professionals at Fine Restoration are on call 24/7 so we can repair & clean up any sewage backup issue you may have. Fine Restoration also provides a number of other commercial and residential restoration services, such as: Basement Flood Cleanup, Water Damage Restoration, Flood Cleanup, Mold Removal & Remediation, Storm Damage Cleanup, and Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration. If you need sewage backup cleanup in Overland Park, or sewage backup repair in Overland Park KS, contact us online or call us at 913-270-3646 for an immediate response.

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