24 Hour Storm Damage Cleanup & Storm Damage Repair in Prairie Village KS

Fine Restoration is on call 24 hours a day for storm damage restoration in Prairie Village KS. No matter when the damage occurs or the type of damage you have experienced, our IICRC certified team is available to provide the assistance you need, quickly. We arrive fast to mitigate the spread of damage and get started on emergency storm damage cleanup. Once your home or business is secure, we get started on whatever storm damage repair services are needed to fully restore your property. Call Fine Restoration 24 hours a day at 816-489-3222 or contact us online to receive a consultation on storm damage in Prairie Village KS and surrounding areas.

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Services We Provide for Storm Damage in Prairie Village KS


While advances in meteorology have vastly improved, storms can still often strike with little time to prepare, causing extensive damage. That’s why Fine Restoration is available around the clock for storm damage restoration in Prairie Village KS. Once the skies have cleared and the damage can be assessed, we will be on site quickly to handle storm damage cleanup and emergency storm damage repairs. Contact us 24/7 for these and other services for storm damage in Prairie Village KS:

Our Storm Damage Repair Process in Prairie Village KS

No matter when you reach out to Fine Restoration, an IICRC certified technician is available to assist. An over the phone consultation is provided, allowing our team to gather the proper tools and equipment. In about an hour, we are on site to get started. The first step is prevention of further damage. Fine Restoration will take whatever steps needed to keep your home or business from sustaining further damage. Once secure, we get started on storm damage cleanup services. Standing water is extracted, debris and tree limbs are removed, personal items are moved offsite and your space is cleaned and sanitized. From there we provide whatever storm damage repair services you need. Damage to roofs, siding, gutters outside as well as broken windows, damaged ceilings, drywall, flooring and other areas inside are all repaired. The end result is the return of your space to the condition it was on before the storm. Contact Fine Restoration now a free estimate on storm damage restoration in Prairie Village KS by calling 816-489-3222 or contacting us online now.

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