Emergency Sewage Backup Cleanup in Shawnee KS

Contact Fine Restoration 24/7 for emergency sewage backup cleanup, sewage backup repair and sewage backup restoration in Shawnee KS. No matter the cause or level of damage, Fine Restoration is always available to assist with sewer and septic backups. We are IICRC certified to handle water damage issues and will be on site quickly to mitigate the issue and start on cleanup and repair services. Contact Fine Restoration now for sewage backup restoration in Shawnee KS.

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What Causes Sewage & Septic Backups in Shawnee?


Sewer lines and septic systems, like other parts of your plumbing system, are susceptible to clogs, backups, leaks and other issues. Some common causes of sewer and septic backups include:

Whatever the cause of your backup, Fine Restoration is the name to trust for sewage backup restoration in Shawnee KS. Contact us now for emergency sewage backup cleanup and sewage backup repair.

Our Sewage Cleanup & Sewage Backup Repair in Shawnee KS

When you call Fine Restoration you will receive an over the phone consultation, 24 hours a day. An IICRC certified water damage technician will gather information about your backup that allows us to arrive quickly with the proper tools. Once on site, we take action to stop damage from spreading before removing raw sewage and providing sewage backup cleanup services. Any building materials that were affected are removed and sewage backup repair services are provided. Fine Restoration can handle repairs to drywall, floors and subfloors, cabinets, trim, ceilings and any other areas involved. Damaged areas are again cleaned and sanitized and we contact your insurance company to file a claim on your behalf. Your property is fully restored, clean and safe. When you need commercial or residential sewage backup restoration in Shawnee KS, contact Fine Restoration 24/7/365.

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